Crafting Inquiry is our annual flagship conference. Each year the sessions and presenters offer a different perspective into the multi-faceted, exciting, and challenging world of inquiry-based education.

Check out our previous years’ conferences below, and join us on October 18, 2024 for this year’s conference!

Crafting Inquiry 2024

We are incredibly excited to be hosting Jo Boaler and Cathy Williams, founders of and champions of equitable and conceptual mathematics. This special one-day conference will be all about math!

More details available soon. Registration opens in mid-June.

Dates: October 18, 2024
Location: The Nines Hotel in Portland, OR
Presenters: Jo Boaler and Cathy Williams


Crafting Inquiry 2023

We spent two amazing days of in-person learning on the beautiful Portland waterfront! Our presenters led us in hands-on investigations into mindset, curiosity, and playful learning for all ages!

Dates: October 13-14, 2023
Location: Kimpton RiverPlace Hotel, Portland OR
Presenters: John Spencer, Lynn Cuccaro, and Yvonne Liu-Constant

Couldn’t make it to the event? Check out photos and quotes from this year’s Crafting Inquiry conference:

Crafting Inquiry 2022

We were thrilled to return to in-person workshops with Crafting Inquiry! For the first time, we also offered a live-streaming option for those who could not make it to Portland.

Dates: October 14-15, 2022
Location: Portland Art Museum, Portland OR
Presenters: Kath Murdoch, Trevor MacKenzie, Steph Harvey, and Kimberly Mitchell

Couldn’t make it to last year’s event? Check out photos and quotes from last year’s Crafting Inquiry conference:

Crafting Inquiry is an event like no other. With a lineup of featured speakers that have been mentors, critical friends, and leaders in the field for decades, combined with a world class audience that came to the event with a depth of experience, a genuine collaborative spirit, and an inquisitiveness for going deeper into inquiry learning, Crafting Inquiry outdid itself as a highlight of my speaking year.
– Trevor MacKenzie, speaker

This event was transformational for me and other professionals. A total gift to participate in…the event provided me with a needed shift in my practice as a teacher. Thank you!
– Participant

This conference helped me connect all the dots. We are not an IB school but are moving towards more inquiry instruction and I have dug into conceptual learning, IB, module building, etc, and this conference helped me put all the pieces together to move learning forward at my school.
– Participant

What a delight it has been to present at the inaugural professional learning event for the International School of Portland’s Spear Centre. The team has brought a powerful vision to life  – a centre that offers the opportunity for educators to come together in the pursuit of their own learning, with the ultimate goal being to enrich the experience of education for our children. Teaching is a profession that demands we continually stay informed and growth-oriented in our mindset, so having opportunities such as those offered by the Spear Center are vital.
– Kath Murdoch, presenter

Crafting Inquiry 2020

We held the inaugural conference fully virtually in 2020. Our presenters and participants joined us from their living rooms to learn together!

Dates: August 17, 2020
Location: Virtual
Presenters: Kath Murdoch, Steph Harvey, and Kimberly Mitchell